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Titronix CWDM TSPML-6
Titronix CWDM TSPML-6
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  • • 12CH CWDM Data services over Single SMF 

     IP55 Water, Dust resistant 

     LC/UPC connectors 

     Rack, telecom Pole or Wall installation 

     Small size and lightweight 

     Low Insertion Loss: ≤ 1.8 dB 

     Compact CWDM filters 

     Temperature: -5°C – +70°C 

    • Fully passive (No Power Supply or Cooling) 

    • Zero configuration or maintenance  Protocol & Data Rate neutral  MTBF: 100+ Years  1 Year Warranty

  • TSPML6-I and TSPML6-O are part of our passive CWDM Mux/Demuxseries and supports 12 CWDM Channel interconnection over single fiberusing 1271-1371nm and 1471-1571nm wavelength from ITU-T G.694.2 grid.TSPML6-O unit is for harsh outdoor environments supporting IP55- water dust resistance, -5 to 70C temperature, telecom pole or wall installationoptions and comes with LC/UPC or customer specified for easy fiberconnection. Unit is small in size, light in weight, is simple to install, requires zero configuration or maintenance and is fully passive - no power supplyor cooling required. 

    TSPMD6-O is used together with TSPMD6-I. Thissolution is designed for scenarios where single fiber passive CWDMconnections on both sides of the link are deployed in harsh outdoor or one of sides is deployed in Indoor environments.

    TSPML6 uses Compact CWDM filter technology and provides  2 dBinsertion loss. 

    CWDM Mux/Demux are data rate or line protocol neutral and are usedin combination with colored optical transceivers which ensure desiredapplication and data rate. Typical use case for TSPML6 Mux/Demux are5G/4G/3G Mobile Fronthaul Network Baseband Unit (BBU) and RemoteRadio Head (RRH) interconnection (CPRI/eCPRI protocol)

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